Answering Myths

Changing the way we elect the President is an important topic that deserves careful scrutiny. This page summarizes the concerns that have been raised during the course of the debate on the National Popular Vote bill, and shows how they are myths.  The myths are grouped into categories that can be browsed by following the links below.  This material is from Chapter 9 of Every Vote Equal, which can be downloaded by clicking on the button:

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NPV Overview and Myth Videos

Introduction: What It Is - Why It's Needed

Myths About Big Cities

Myths About Small States

Myths About Fraud

Myths About Constitutionality

Myths About Big States and Big Counties

Myths About Post Election Rule Changes

Myths About Interstate Compacts

Myths About Faithless Electors

Myths About 15% Presidents

Myths about Missing Votes and Hurricanes

Myths About Single-State Veto (Achilles’ Heel)

Myths About Recounts

Myths About Missing Vote Counts