On April 28, 2009, Governor Chris Gregoire signed the National Popular Vote bill, making Washington state the fifth state to enact bill.

Governor Chris Gregoire signs the National Popular Vote bill in Olympia, Washington on April 28, 2009, with Senator Joe McDermott (left), Dr. John R. Koza (Chair, National Popular Vote), and Jeff Gombosky.

A survey of 800 Washington state voters conducted on December 2-3, 2008 showed 77% overall support for a national popular vote for President. Support was 77% among independents, 85% among Democrats, and 68% among Republicans. By age, support was 80% among 18-29 year olds, 76% among 30-45 year olds, 76% among 46-65 year olds, and 78% for those older than 65. By gender, support was 84% among women and 69% among men. By race, support was 78% among whites (representing 87% of respondents), 57% among African-Americans (representing 4% of respondents), 60% among Hispanics (representing 1% of respondents), and 78% among Others (representing 7% of respondents). The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 1/2%.