On April 7, 2008 — Illinois became the third state to enact the National Popular Vote bill.

Illinois was the state where the National Popular Vote bill was first introduced (on January 19, 2006). In the Illinois Senate, the bill (SB 2724) was sponsored in 2006 by Senators Jacqueline Collins (D), Kirk W. Dillard (Du Page County Republican Party Chair), and James T. Meeks (I). In the Illinois House, the bill (HB 5777) was sponsored by Representatives Robert S. Molaro (D) and Jim Durkin (R). By the end of 2006, the Illinois bills had a total of 48 sponsors. (There are 118 House members and 59 Senators in Illinois).

In 2006, Illinois State Senator Kirk W. Dillard (Du Page County Republican Party Chair) said:

"This isn't a Democratic or Republican issue to me. It's important that people have faith that in the election of the most important office in the world that their vote will count. I'm proud to sponsor legislation that will hopefully result in presidential candidates showing up and working to meet voters in my state."

Senator Kirk Dillard on the national popular vote