In November 2020, Pennsylvania Representative Christopher Rabb, Danilo Burgos, Roni Green, Joseph C. Hohenstein, Mary Isaacson, Malcolm Kenyatta, Summer Lee, Mark Longietti, Benjamin V. Sanchez, and Greg Vitali introduced the National Popular Vote bill (status of HB2922). 

In January 2017, Representative Christopher Rabb, Michael O’Brien, Timothy Briggs, Mark Longietti, Stephen Kinsey, Dan Frankel, Jordan Harris, Donna Bullock, Mark Rozzi, Adam Ravenstahl, Gregory Vitali, Neal Goodman, Mike Carroll, Michael Sturla, Maria Donatucci, Joanna McClinton, and Rosita Youngblood introduced the National Popular Vote bill (Status of HB189). 

On September 18, 2011, the National Popular Vote bill was introduced in the Pennsylvania legislatures with 41 sponsors, including 9 sponsors in the Senate (listed below) and 33 sponsors in the House.

On March 12, 2012, the Pennsylvania House Majority Policy Committee today held a public hearing on Rep. Tom Creighton's (R–Lancaster) legislation to change the way Pennsylvania casts its Electoral College votes for president by aligning them with the national popular vote. Those testifying at the March 12, 2012, hearing included Dr. G. Terry Madonna from Franklin and Marshall College; former American Legislative Exchange Council national chairman and former California state Sen. Raymond Haynes; former Minnesota state legislator Thomas Emmer; Dr. Charles Greenawalt, associate professor of government and political affairs at Millersville University; and Trent England, vice president of policy at Freedom Foundation. House Bill 1270 is under consideration by the House State Government Committee. At the hearing, Rep. Creighton noted that in a poll conducted by state political pollster Dr. G. Terry Madonna, nearly 75 percent of all Pennsylvanians support the idea of a national popular vote to elect the president.