"One Person, One Vote? The Untold Story of the Electoral College"

From award-winning director, Maximina Juson, comes the feature-length documentary “One Person, One Vote?” The film pulls the curtain back on the Electoral College –– exploring the unique and opaque system by which America elects its highest official –– through the eyes of four dynamic electors from different parties (a Republican, a Democrat, a Green Party, and a Kanye West elector) whose motivations range from the noble to the absurd.

Director Juson shares, “This film is for everyone who votes for president in the United States, no matter which side of the aisle you happen to sit on. Not only do the vast majority of Americans lack an understanding of how the Electoral College works, most don’t know why we have it in the first place.” Juson adds, “The film explores the forgotten history of the Electoral College, its early entanglements with slavery and how it profoundly impacts American politics and society to this day.”

“One Person, One Vote?" features an array of voices representing all sides of current Electoral College events intercut with commentary from dynamic subject matter experts including Lead Historian Dr. Paul Finkelman, Columbia School of Journalism Dean Jelani Cobb, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Carol Anderson, who place the Electoral College in its historical context. Kelly McCreary of “Grey’s Anatomy” makes a cameo as one of several actors — cast by New York Theater Workshop Artistic Director, Patricia McGregor — who bring theatrical gravitas with their performances of historical quotes. Score composed by multi-Grammy award-winning music producer Mark Batson. Stunning animation by artist Pierre Bennu.

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